Monday, August 4, 2008

Training Commences in Japan

After landing in Narita, Japan over the weekend Carrie Johnson and her team started gearing up for the Olympics with pre-competition training in Komatsu, Japan. Komatsu was chosen as a training ground because it is the same latitude as Beijing and being away from the village in Beijing allows Carrie and the rest of the USA Canoe / Kayak team to practice in less-polluted air. It also gives the athletes more of an opportunity to focus on training during the first week of the Olympic Games.

She says the hardest part of her sport is balancing in the kayak, which is 16 feet long and about as wide as her hips. This week Carrie, who has two workouts a day, will work on maintaining her endurance and balance.

Carrie will be in Japan until August 14th which means she will have to watch the opening ceremonies on television like the rest of us. But the two-time Olympian will participate in the closing ceremonies -- hopefully wearing a medal.

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