Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beijing Bound

Carrie is heading to Beijing tomorrow and she’s trying to focus on what she needs to do to perform at her best.

This is Carrie’s second Olympic experience and training in Japan helped her avoid the pre-competition jitters. “This year I have been a little more relaxed leading up to the races,” she said. “We didn't go to the opening ceremonies and have stayed out of the craziness of the games so far. I am feeling more rested and sharp on the water.”

In Komatsu, The local Kayak Federation held a banquet for the USA Kayak/Canoe Team on Tuesday. The team was treated to traditional food and entertainment. Japanese drummers performed for the team, and the girls on the Japanese team gave Carrie and her training partner, Maggie Hogan, each a Kimono.

The team has been joined by their chiropractor, Dr. Wells and Cliff Midol, their team leader and they’re all eager to go to Beijing. “I think it will feel more like a competition when we get to Beijing and the race venue,” Carrie said.

Carrie is not overly concerned with the air quality. “It should be fine at Shunyi, where our venue is,” she said. “If there is a problem with the air it will be something everyone has to deal with.”

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