Monday, August 18, 2008

Carrie's Competitions Kick Off Tomorrow!

Carrie Johnson’s first race is tomorrow at 4:40 p.m. and she will compete in the Women’s K1 500 m. She is mentally prepping for the race by not getting too excited and concentrating on what she needs to have a great performance. “I went out on the course this morning and paddled down my lane and went through my race plan,” she said.

It was difficult for Carrie to not get too enthusiastic after experiencing the Olympic Village Friday. “The village is very nice,” she said. “It is well organized and put together. There was a great attention to detail.”

Carrie has had the opportunity to watch some familiar faces compete during the Olympics. “I was very excited for the rowers,” she said “They finished last night. Many of them have trained in Chula Vista, so I have known them for the past couple years.” She added that she enjoyed watching the gymnastics and swimming competitions. “We have been following what we can on the TV here; it was exciting to see Phelps win his eight gold metals.”


Saile said...

Do you know how many times Johnson has been in the olympics and how many golds she has won?

UCSD Communications: said...

This is Carrie's second Olympics and she has yet win a gold medal.