Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Carrie Gets Taste of Japan -- Video!

Spirits are high in Komatsu as Carrie and her teammates settle into Japan. Carrie has been training on a lake about ten minutes away from her hotel and she is sharing the water with canoe / kayak teams from Japan, France and Belgium. The clean air and tranquil setting are helping the athletes focus as the competition approaches. One highlight of Japan is abundance of healthy food. Carrie and company are eating authentic Japanese food that they call different, but very healthy and very good.

Carrie also is acclimating to the different weather. The humidity is around 80 percent so it's a big change from San Diego. Carrie says she doesn’t know what the air quality will be like in China, but she is trying to focus on preparing for the race.

Carrie and the other athletes in Japan have attracted the attention of several news media, including CNN. Check out this link to watch Carrie as she races towards Beijing.

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